During this turbulent time, we want to assure all customers that extreme precautionary measures have been put in place to maintain the safety of our employees and customers alike.

We also appreciate the understanding shown as we experience slight delays in processing due to necessary changes that we have made to abide by the US Government and Health Organization's admonition.

How has Sheamakery been affected?

Every business has been affected in some way or another due to the widespread reach of this Virus. A number of Sheamakery employees have been required to work remotely so as to maintain the safety of our Bakery family.

  • This has forced us to adjust many of our methods, and relocate some of our machinery and inventory in order to continue processing your orders.
  • Some are forced to stay home to care for the children that are no longer able to attend school or daycare.
  • Many of our suppliers have closed shop, forcing us to find alternative sources in some cases.
  • Local carriers are also delayed in processing so we are experiencing a large call/email volume in answering inquiries regarding order status

In spite of these changes, all of us remain dedicated to providing the best service we can deliver to all of our customers. We are working quickly while not sacrificing quality and we thank you for your patience while we navigate this new reality.

What precautions are you taking?

Saftey is our primary concern! We like many of you are consumed with cleanliness right now and making sure that all aspects of our daily life remain safe. Below are some precautions we are taking each day:

  1. Incoming shipments are sprayed down with disinfectant before entry into our facility.
  2. Gloves and Masks are supplied at the beginning of each shift so that products are able to be packaged safely with clean instruments.
  3. Hand Sanitizer is made readily available throughout the day.
  4. All employees are concerned with eachother's safety and monitor any changes in wellbeing.
  5. Limiting our exposure and keeping in a safe 6-foot apart distance whenever possible. Although all employees have close family in neighboring states, we are visitng them via facetime and staying put!

Rest assured we are doing everything possible to keep our environment clean and safe and all outgoing shipments clean as well.

Will I still get my order?

Yes of course! We will notify you if for some reason your order is not able to be fulfilled. Our 4 - 6 week order arrival time frame is still in effect and we are working very hard to stay within that time frame. We do ask that you please allow an additional 3-5 days for your items to get to you, as the delays that our carriers are experiencing as well can greatly affect the delivery of your package too. Our prices have not yet been affected by the pandemic and we're happy to still be able to bring you high quality products at the prices you love. We will all get through this together! We appreciate your support in continuing to patronize our business and trusting our team and services.

Candle-Making Class Update: "Bakery Boss here! I have had my hands full the past few weeks! After the holidays we receive an influx of new customers (your gift recipients), so this time is already very busy for us. The changes that the Coronavirus has inflicted on businesses is something new that we are all trying to navigate as best we can. I am also a single mom of two little girls so as any parent knows, life gets hectic and very messy! I'm so sorry the classes were not ready as we initially intended but rest assured we are wrapping things up in April and will have the videos launched by the 30th. I appreciate everyone's excitement!! You will not be disappointed :)" 

Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by this terrible virus.