The Sheamakery Peppermint Candy™

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Stay minty fresh and have your skin feeling it's best with our Peppermint Candy! Enjoy a fresh minty aroma with the slightest hint of vanilla added to enhance your formula's wearability. Each jar is hand-painted, unique and handmade to order. 

Will permanently soften skin texture with continued use.
Fades dark marks & scars.
Naturally moisturizes skin and hair.
Contains vitamins A, E and F, essential to skin cell repair.

BODY BUTTER CONTAINS: Raw Unrefined Shea Butter, Glycerin, Vitamin E, Silk Protein, Fragrance.
SHELF LIFE: 1 year




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The Sheamakery Peppermint Candy™
Peppermint Candy - Shea Shea Bakery
Peppermint Candy - Shea Shea Bakery
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