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  • Facial Scrub-Coffee Bean

Facial Scrub-Coffee Bean

$ 10.00


100% Natural•No Additives

Our effective facial scrubs are designed to maintain clear skin. This blend not only helps keep your skin looking fresh but fights against premature aging, contains anti-inflammatory properties, reduction of cellulite, improved circulation, reduced eye puffiness, and helps maintain smooth skin. Contains real coffee grounds packed with nutrients, antioxidants and an enticing aroma. Available in deluxe size for body exfoliation and cellulite reduction.

CONTAINS: Ground Coffee beans, Shea Butter, Brown Sugar, Coconut Oil, Licorice root, Soybean Oil.

Using Sugar Scrubs for Ingrown Hair Or Razor Bumps: A very gentle exfoliate rids dead skin cells and can help the hair point back out of the skin. 

DIRECTIONS: To use your scrub, clean skin normally and rinse thoroughly. Make sure skin and hands are dry when using scrub. (Added moisture inside scrub can cause mixture to spoil, real coffee used) Gently rub your scrub in a circular motion over skin to exfoliate as needed. Rinse skin with warm water and pat dry.

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