Candle-Making Kit

Candle-Making Kit

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Great for beginners, no experience necessary. Includes all the supplies you need to make your own beautiful soy candles. This is a great way to get familiar with Candle-Making if you are new to it or would like to pursue a new hobby or career. We've included some fun items such as the coconut shell and wax pie crust to show you just how fun candle-making can be. You'll also get our Original Bakery scents of Cake, Fruit, Candy, Cookie and Pie Collection so be prepared for your candles to make an impression!

Your Kit Includes:

3 lbs. Soy Wax
8 Containers
8 Pre-Tabbed Wicks
8 Wick Stick Tape
5 Diamond Dye colors
5 Bottles of Bakery Scents
8 Burning Instruction Labels
8 Wooden Wick Bars
1 Coconut Shell
1 Wax Pie Crust
Assorted Wax Embeds  
Instruction Sheet

Need additional help with getting started? Watch our Candle-making Instructional Videos HERE

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