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Shea Shea Bakery

Raw Shea & Black Soap Pop-Up Sticks

Raw Shea & Black Soap Pop-Up Sticks

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Take the stress out of your daily skincare routine with Sheamakery Pop-Up Skincare Sticks! A convenient, mess-free way to stay true to your beloved Raw products without messy or bulky packaging. Available in Bakery staples of Shea Butter and African Black Soap. 

SHEA BUTTER: 100% RAW Ivory Shea Butter imported from Ghana. The same creamy, rich butter the Bakery has been using since the beginning! Great to use on knees and elbows and other dry areas. We recommend storing it in a cool dry place to avoid your butter melting. If melting does occur, place the stick in the fridge to quickly stiffen it back up to your liking.

AFRICAN BLACK SOAP: 100% RAW African Black Soap imported from Ghana. African Black Soap is very effective in its natural form but is widely available on the market in diluted forms due to its growing popularity and effectiveness on problem skin. Our Black Soap is never diluted or cut with oils, wax or dyes. The Skincare Pop-Up Stick is great for daily face and body cleansing and conveniently contains your soap to avoid waste or mold from forming. 

TO USE: Slowly twist the dial at the base of your stick (to the right). Stop once 1/4-1/2 inch of the product appears at the top. Avoid over twisting to prevent wasted product.  

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