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Clear Skin Kit

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​100% Natural•No Additives

Want clear skin? Save by buying all 4 of our powerful skin clearing products! This kit is all you'll need to naturally clear existing skin conditions such as Acne, Eczema, Rosacea, and Dermatitis, to name a few. The kit comes with (4oz) Charcoal Purifying Mask™, 1/3oz Scar Healing Serum™, (2oz) Anti-Acne Vitamin Mist™,  and (8oz) size Liquefied African Black Soap with the option of added *essential oil.

*Essential oil comes infused into Liquid Black Soap solution & Vitamin Mist. Essential Oils not only contribute to the pleasing aroma but add acne-fighting properties and skin brightening effects to your skin. 

Orange Oil, Lime Oil- Ideal for Brightening tone, correcting dark marks.

Lavender Oil- Ideal for ridding acne and acts as an antibacterial agent for skin.

*Occasional particles surfacing in soap are normal and due to their all-natural properties. 


We created this kit to address common skin problems so there really is no set order in which to use the products, some people's skin will require more of one thing rather than another so please refer to the following as a general guideline: Typically you will want to use the Black Soap as a cleanser up to 2x daily (if your skin tends to be dry, flaky, or sensitive use once a day).
You can follow this up with the Healing Serum OR Acne Mist. If you have active acne you're going to want to use the mist, if you have acne scars that need help healing up then go with the healing oil. Be sure to use it at night, this is when it is most effective! There is no limit on this and using more than typical will not harm your skin, as the oil will not clog pores and absorbs into the skin very quickly. If you have stubborn marks or simply want faster results, we recommend upping your usage to 4x daily, really whenever your skin is ready for some healing treatment ;)
The Charcoal Mask you can use up to 2-3x weekly in between the above cleansing schedule. It can also be used as an overnight treatment for painful acne, bug bites, and even cold sores.  

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