Liquid African Black Soap Cleanser

Liquid African Black Soap Cleanser

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100% Natural.No Parabens.No Preservatives.

Liquefied African Black Soap. Good for use on skin and hair. All-natural ingredients. Softens skin and leaves a fresh clean feeling without stripping your skin of moisture balance. Deep cleans naturally. Alleviates:

Uneven skin tone
Excess oil

The orange essential oil will not only make your skin smell great but will also aid in minimizing scars and brighten your skin tone. The glycolic acid from orange peels is great for fading away hyper-pigmentation and even promotes cell renewal. Now with Lavender and Lime for a great fresh scent! 
*essential oil comes already infused into Liquid Black Soap solution.

DIRECTIONS: Rub in the palm of your hands or w/ loofah or cloth to create a rich lather. Use on skin and/or hair. Avoid contact with eyes. Use up to twice daily.

TIP: To avoid using too much product, open the spout, turn the bottle upside down and shake into the palm of your hand like a salt shaker. Refrain from squeezing the bottle.

INGREDIENTS: African Black Soap is handmade by women in Africa. It has become very popular worldwide due to its skin healing benefits. Although this soap has been manufactured in many countries, the only pure and most effective originates from Africa. It contains water, Shea butter tree bark, palm leaves, banana tree bark and leaves, plantains, and cocoa pods. Occasional particles surfacing in soap are normal and due to their all-natural properties. 

Available sizes: 8oz