Ice Cream Sundae - Shea Shea Bakery Skincare
Ice Cream Sundae - Shea Shea Bakery Skincare

Ice Cream Sundae

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 Here's the scoop on our Ice Cream Sundae, it's topped with a cherry and chocolate syrup over a scoop of vanilla ice cream! Each formula will melt in your hand but not to worry, the top isn't going anywhere. Smells like vanilla with a hint of cherry. Pick between Body Butter and Creme formula. 

Will permanently soften skin texture with continued use.
Fades dark marks & scars.
Naturally moisturizes skin and hair.
Contains vitamins A, E and F, essential to skin cell repair.

BODY BUTTER CONTAINS: Raw Unrefined Shea Butter, Glycerin, Vitamin E, Silk Protein, Fragrance.
SHELF LIFE: 1 year



All of our original scents and designs now available in our Body Creme formula. We brought you this moisturizing alternative to give you more options when it comes to your skincare. Compared to our original Shea Butter formulated body butters, Body Creme is a creamy, smoother application for those who prefer a lighter moisturizer than what the Shea formulated body butters deliver. Whipped to perfection, we've added a preservative that will not leave any greasy residue after application.

BODY CREME CONTAINS: Water, Glycerin, Vitamin E, Cetyl Alcohol, Oat Extract, Soybean Oil, Avocado Oil, Fragrance.

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