September 2018 Bakery Box

September 2018 Bakery Box

Summer is just about over and Fall is soon on it's way so every year in September we always have a tough time picking which scent to choose for the Bakery Box feature. We tend to save Fall scents like Pumpkin and Cinnamon for October and we already featured several Fruity Summer scents in the prior months so choosing Honey seemed like a happy medium. The products in this box are fuller sizes than the previous boxes that featured more variety, which we did because we anticipated a really great response with this month's features and wanted everyone to feel happy with the amount of product they were getting. The S'More Soap definitely was the most fun to make, as this was the first time we had ever made anything S'more themed. Do you think we should keep it and have it available for sale at Let us know in the comments below. 

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LOVED. LOVED. LOVED the S’mores soap. It’s a keeper. 👍🏾

Kat McClain

Yes please leave the soap for future purchase it’s the best part of the box wish the whole thing was s’mores themed!


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