"I ordered from Amazon and got it faster"-We are not Amazon.

"I ordered from China and got it faster"-We are not the seller in China.

"I ordered from_____and got it faster."

Regardless of what you ordered or from where, if you are reading this message you are ordering from and this is our new delivery time. If you cannot respect that or plan on emailing complaints about how long your order is taking halfway through the process, please do not order.

Order Delivery

Please read ENTIRELY. It's not that long we promise ;) Reading is fun!

Beginning 08/08/2019 ALL orders will take up to 3 Weeks delivery.

We have found our Dream Team. We are a small team but we are efficient, detailed, artistic, and passionate about what we do. The Bakery has never been more efficient and we have decided we do not want to mass manufacture and turn our products into conveyer belt plastic parts.

We are hands on in every aspect of what we do. We sculpt, paint, spray, paste, print, churn, scoop, whip, package, run....literally we run out the door stumbling with giant bags of packages just to meet deadlines. We thrive in this everyday rhythm and do not want to substitute quality for speed.  

The Original Bakery

5 years ago The Bakery began with recipes being mixed in washed out baby formula cans and labels being made out of cut pieces of paper with a steady hand. The Bakery was founded by a new mom who had just spent weeks being homeless. If you are just discovering our products you are witnessing a miracle, along with some excruciatingly long nights and hard work.

Throughout the years of advancement, we did however lose a little along the way. The handwritten notes, scented HD lids, the surprise bonus products included with orders.

We have found that the air of a large majority of customers we now service have become consumed with deadlines and tracking data. We are receiving hundreds of emails monthly from customers demanding constant order updates. We are spending more time responding to emails, phone calls, reviews, chargebacks and complaints about expected delivery than actually creating our beloved products.

This pattern has a negative effect on supportive customers, and especially on our Bakery Staff.

We cannot allow this any longer. As Regina Belle sang, we want to "make it like it was." Minus the baby formula cans.

Bottom Line

We make some pretty cool products that we love just as much as you do! To give you the best quality product, please allow us time to do our best work.

If your tracking does not update before your 3 week deadline....continue to wait until your 3 week deadline has passed.


1. Your order CAN take up to 3 weeks to deliver. Expedited Shipping is not available at this time.

2.If you place an order then wish to cancel, you MUST inform us of cancellation request WITHIN 3 days of your purchase. We will not honor requests made after 3 days.

3. Constant order inquiries will result in order cancellation. We reserve the right to cancel or ban any customer from purchasing on our site. Please respect that we are Artists FIRST. We are creating your order and constant inquiries delay the process for you and others. You will not "hear" from us during order processing because we are in fact creating your order, not running with your money.

4. You are given a tracking number to track your parcel. If your tracking does not update before your 3 week deadline... continue to wait until your 3 week deadline. If your tracking does not update past this period (extremely rare) please contact us.

Tracking numbers are a 21st Century luxury. They are provided to alert you to complications in delivery and build trust with your service providers. If you often have complications in delivery or do not trust us, please do not buy from us.

Despite the bumps and bruises along the way, we are EXTREMELY grateful and thankful for the people who choose to support us.

For Julie who emails us monthly about how excited she is about her Bakery Box arrival.
For Sheila who checks up on us, amazed at how far we've come and wishes us success.
For Stacy who emails us every new idea she thinks would make a great product.


To our Social Media Family, our Family Family, Friends, Admirers, and Passers-by who'd stop in to smell our latest creation, we
Thank You and are forever grateful.

-Sarah M. The Bakery Boss

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